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We are giving $10k as forecasting micro-grants

(Cross-posted from the Forecasting Newsletter.)

After the apparent success of ACX grants (a), we received $10k from an anonymous donor to give out as micro-grants through Nuño’s Forecasting newsletter.

Some examples of projects we’d be excited to fund might be:

The application form is HERE (a). Feel free to apply for more than $10k: we don’t anticipate having much difficulty getting more funding for promising applications, and we may refer these to other funders (e.g., the EA Infrastructure Fund (a)) if we can’t.

We will be accepting applications until March 15, though we may extend this period if we don’t receive enough high-quality submissions. We preliminarily plan to make decisions by April the 1st.

Otherwise, Luke Muehlhauser comments (a) that forecasting related projects might be a good fit for the EA Infrastructure Fund (a). Jonas Vollmer, who runs EA Funds, confirms this (a)

For larger projects, the Survival and Flourishing Fund, backed by philanthropists Jaan Tallinn and Jed McCaleb, is organizing the distribution of around $6M-$10M in grants (a) this June, with applications due on Feb 21. They generally only accept applications from registered charities, but speculation grants (a) might be a good fit for smaller projects (40%).