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Distribution of salaries in Spain

The distribution of slaries in Spain looks as follows:

Salary interval (euros) %
0–13300 5.57
13300–26600 52.27
26600–39900 24.08
39900–53200 10.44
53200–66500 4.05
66500–79800 2.1
79800–93100 1.02
93100–106400 0.31
above 106400 0.17

For reference, Google engineer salaries range from $190k to $1M+, and Rethink Priorities salaries from $72k to $115k.

Initially, I looked into this because I was—and still am—a bit shocked about salaries in organizations within Effective Altruism. Ultimately, however, I think that my scarcity intuitions are leading me astray: as the people around me and I rise in formidability, we become more akin to institutions, and salary and consumption spending start to become less closely tied together.

The way the date is sliced is, this looks at people working full-time, in the year 2020. Because Spain has a pretty high unemployment rate, the distribution for the working-age population would be skewed to the left. The source of this data is here. I’ve also saved it here (a), and here.